Via Santa Teresella degli Spagnoli, 4 - Napoli 80133


Today, Italy’s guests are anxious to visit the country not only for tourist purposes, but often with the intention of buying clothes from Italian designers, but at an honest price. In Italy there are special days and time for great sales of designer clothes and shoes. During this time buyers from all over the world came to this country massively. On the shopping tour they go to Naples Milan, Venice and for the most exclusive things – in Rome.

Naples for nothing less than Rome about shopping. Ever since ancient times, it was famous for its shopping streets. In Naples, often for shopping, tourists go to a large shopping area with numerous boutiques of clothing, shoes, various accessories and souvenir shops – in the Galleria Umberto. This large glass roof gallery was built on Via San Carlo at the end of the 19th century, and is close to the bed & breakfast. For the jewels of local production it is better to go to the Borgo degli Orefici district, for gifts and souvenirs – for Via DeiTribunali. Artists and art lovers head to Via B.Croce. ViaSan Gregorio Armeno is famous as a large “flea market” with many different products of local artisans. Also, not less popular and considered the best in South Italy, the antiques market and the grocery market. In addition, in the vicinity of the city there are several big outlets with a huge number of boutiques. In Naples shops you can pay in cash or with credit cards. In its essence, Naples is a great selling point. Everywhere you can buy items from fabrics, gastronomy, jewelery.

Via Dei Mille and Via Filangieri, high fashion streets in Naples, are within walking distance of our bed & breakfast.

The world of fashion and style is waiting for you!